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A Canadian satellite operator has become the latest player to join the low-earth orbit action over Earth's skies. The company Telesat announced on Feb 9th that it intends to build a constellation of 300 satellites in order to deliver high-speed internet worldwide in the next two years. Known as Lighspeed, it will be designed to serve fixed and mobile network operators, aeronautical and maritime users, enterprise customers.

  • Bloomberg reports that Apple hopes to deploy satellites within the next five years! Click here to read!
  • On May 23rd SpaceX launched 60 satellites the first installment of a Starlink "mega-constellation" that could number 12,000 by the time the project is complete. Starlink plans to surround the Earth with satellites and provide broadband internet to every corner of the globe! There are reports that the satellites flare when the sun hits their flat surface and are very bright like a magnitude 0, brighter than any star! Astronomers won't be happy, however, until SpaceX finds a way to dim these flares.